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NailCandi™Trinkets Nail Art Stickers

1. Varnish natural or acrylic nails.  

2. When varnish is touch dry, lift your chosen nail stickers from their backing sheet with tweezers or an orange stick.

3. Place nail stickers gently on nail - when you are happy with their position, pat down with an orange stick.

4. Protect your nail stickers with a top coat. Use a good quality top coat for lasting wear - if you're using an ordinary top coat, re-cover nails every other day as this will wear off.


Because your nails produce their own natural oils, nail stickers won't stick well unless nails are varnished. If you don't want to use a coloured nail varnish, paint them with a clear nail varnish or top coat first.

If you're doing your own nails, make sure you take your nail stickers out of their packet and have an orange stick or tweezers to hand before you put your nail varnish on - that way you won't smudge your polish when taking them out of the pack!

When applying larger stickers, pat from the center to the edges to make sure no air is trapped under the sticker as this can cause slight bubbling in the top coat.

Model Number: SL151102_1
Size: 6.5cm x 5.2cm (app)